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Cloud Computing Consulting Companies India

There has been a revolution in the way business manage their websites.

The way business runs their websites and applications has seen a shift because of the introduction of cloud computing services. What is cloud computing? In simple words, it is providing computing services that include servers, data storage (cloud storage), databases, networking, software, and intelligence over the Internet. It is managed at a data center by the provider of cloud services.

Some of the major International cloud service providers are Microsoft Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, etc. Cloud Computing is better than the traditional IT as it allows:

Reduce cost: Establishing IT infrastructure can be an expensive endeavor as it involves purchase costs, maintenance costs, salaries of the IT team employees, recovery fees, etc. One can save a lot of money on the physical establishment of the IT infrastructure by opting for Cloud computing services since it is managed remotely by service providers.

Better Organisation and Efficiency: It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that getting help from the IT team at the office can be a cumbersome procedure. From having to raise a request and then waiting for a response on that request which can take anywhere from days to weeks or even months and then getting the resolution. Here, with cloud computing, resolving issues become faster as the service providers can iron out any of those wrinkles in no time. Thereby increasing the performance and efficiency.

Pay-as-you-go Model: You only pay for what you use. That’s the best feature of this service since no huge payments are to be made like you do when you purchase infrastructure in bulk.

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